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Deep Tech

Invest in next-generation AI technology

Omega Server cancels the imminent “winter” in the AI industry

A tested and patented next-generation neural network based on new principles delivers unparalleled performance and training speed. Omega Server makes it possible to add intelligence to the world around us.

Seed round investment from $10,000

Financing the company’s entry into the global market: development of sales, marketing, and support. Total round funding: $3 million.

Transparency of the investment transaction

Investments are made in an American corporation registered in the state of Michigan, USA, in full compliance with the corporate laws of the country and with guaranteed legal protection of investments.

Long-awaited breakthrough in neural network development!

Systemic shortcomings of classical AI

The development of neural networks has been reaching a dead end, and the creation of AI applications is becoming a luxury.

Solution to the problem: PANN™ technology

Quantum leap in AI and breaking the deadlock: next-generation neural networks with fundamentally different characteristics.

Intelligence everywhere

With us, millions of companies will be able to add intelligence to their products and services in no time.

Limitless global market

The widespread integration of AI technologies by 2030 will increase the size of the global market by $30 trillion.

The neural network that trains faster than any other

The revolutionary neural network of a new generation

Total superiority over classical neural networks in training speed and a drastic reduction in the cost of AI development.

5 advantages of Omega Server

A neural network with unprecedented training and performance speed.


Scientific and popular science articles about the PANN™ technology, public speeches, and other publications.

Business model

We offer different business models to different clients. SaaS/Freemium and Licensing.

Financial projections

The target capitalization of the company by the time of the IPO by 2026 is above $100 million.

Omega Server today and tomorrow

Project roadmap and milestones

Our product is constantly evolving and improving. Our next goal is Omega Server on NVIDIA graphics cards – an even faster neural network.

First sales and traction

At the end of 2021, we started selling our first Omega Server product for businesses, and in 2022 we launched the Fremium product.

Omega Server’s IP is protected worldwide

The PANN™ technology is patented in 25+ key jurisdictions and counting.

Unfair competitive advantage

A unique working algorithm developed using patented technology with confirmed declared characteristics.

Omega Server team

Our team of world-class scientists and engineers fulfilled thousands of successful scientific and engineering projects for world industrial leaders in various fields.

Join the pioneers in the AI revolution