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First sales and traction

First industrial applications

Our first clients came from various industries and with different AI/ML tasks, including big data processing, predictive analytics, and visual recognition.

  1. AI management: Hlaiman (BigData and predictive analytics)
    1. Product: Virtual assistant for Forex traders. Financial advisor. Analysis of large amounts of data, factors, and patterns in real-time with the issuance of recommendations by the neural network on currency trading.
    2. Production stage project
    3. Te revenue increased 6 times in 12 months
    4. https://hlaiman.com/
  2. Medicine: Karolinska Institutet (visual recognition and predictive analytics)
    1. Project: Pulmonology diagnostics based on images and scans of human internal organs (visual recognition).
    2. Ongoing testing
    3. https://ki.se/
  3. Visual data management: Outforz (visual recognition)
    1. Project: Diagnostics in the field of pulmonology based on images and scans of human internal organs (visual recognition).
    2. Project scope approval
    3. https://outforz.com/
  4. Fintech: B9 (BigData and predictive analytics)
    1. Project: Risk assessment of the borrower’s potential income deficiency and loan repayment, based on available data.
    2. Project scope in discussion
    3. https://bnine.com/

Growth indicators

We are in the process preparation to scale our sales and customer support procedures in the key markets (US, EU, APAC). In the meantime, judging by the results for 2021, it is clear that the market needs our product.


Profit growth (2021)


Client user base growth


Growth in the number of projects at different stages of work

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