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Omega Server

Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence
Unique investment opportunity
Investment opportunities
Investment opportunities
Presenting: A New Paradigm for Artificial Intelligence computing
Neuron of a new type
The essence of the PANN technology is that instead of the generally accepted formal neuron, on which all other networks are built, a new neuron is used, invented by Progress, Inc. - a neuron that is significantly closer to a biological neuron.
Advantage: Training method
The new formal neuron made it possible to apply a fundamentally new method of training a neural network, which allows for the elimination of the processes of calculating billions of consecutive iterations typical of neural networks. It also allows for parallel distribution of any multitude of incoming data in parallel to any number of threads.
Advantage: Training Speed
Omega Server allows you to dramatically increase neural network training speed as much as needed. Today, the world's industrial leaders boast that they have managed to increase the training speed by 40%, 100%... Omega server allows you to accelerate training thousands of times, tens and hundreds of thousands of times, if necessary. The more extensive the task, the greater the gain in the training compared to other modern (convolutional, etc.) neural networks.
Advantage: Any architecture
The simplest network on a new neuron turns out to be much smarter than any other networks. Moreover, the new neuron can be used in any known neural network architectures.
Advantage: Small dimensions
In terms of computing power, a single bookcase-sized Omega-Server can replace an entire server center the size of a football pitch.
Advantage: Low power consumption
Omega Server will consume hundreds of times less energy than server centers of similar computing power.
Advantage: Full-fledged AI
Omega is the first major step towards creating a full-fledged artificial intelligence applicable to serve virtually all modern human activities.
First in the world
Omega-Server is the world's first neural computer built using the unique PANN (Progress Artificial Neural Net) technology. The extremely novel technology has been tested and protected by patents in the USA, Japan, China, Eurasia (details), and beyond.
Investment Offer

When Omega Server Inc. was foounded, the initial price per regular share was set at $2 USD.

Today, one regular share costs $5 USD. The price is set to rise to upwards of $100 USD as development continues and new results are achieved.

The planned overall amount of attracted investment is limited at $150 million USD.

The share price will be adjusted as investments come in, and changes will be reported officially on the company’s website (

Frequently Asked Questions
How it works

The Progressive Artificial Neural Network (PANN) technology (Formal neuron of a new type) has been tested in a number of experiments, the results of which have fully confirmed the theoretical expectations.
Video demonstration of PANN test results:

You can also review the test results in a document (link).

Who are the owners of the new technology

All intellectual property in the new technology belongs to Progress Inc., a Michigan corporation. Omega-Server Inc., also a Michigan corporation, operates under the Progress patent license.

Project Team

You can meet the project team here

Areas where a neural supercomputer can be monetized
  • archiving, encryption, transfer, and storage of big data
  • automation
  • production
  • medicine
  • logistics
  • content creation, including filmmaking
  • predictive analytics
  • education
  • finances, including banking analytics
  • safety and security
  • biometrics
  • robotics
  • construction
  • agriculture
    and many others…

Omega Server Inc.

Sale of constantly growing shares to micro and macro investors, corporations, IPO.

Development and implementation of ready-made licensed companies with a target direction in the development of AI in such areas as:

  • – finance;
  • – medicine;
  • – education;
  • – agriculture;
  • – etc.

Integration of the PANN neural network with other advanced technologies: memristors, optical computers, quantum computers, etc.
Development and production of a chip based on the PANN neural network.

Investing Prospects
and Benefits

High company capitalization and achievement of set goals may increase the value of its shares by more than 1,000% of the initial price.
The investor’s dividend income may reach the highest levels since the product – Omega Server – has no analogies anywhere in the world.

Artificial neural networks will completely transform the entire IT world. There are problems that cannot be solved without them, so the IT industry giants are investing heavily in this area.

PANN-based Omega-Server will result in a technological revolution comparable to the one brought about by the Internet; in fact, this technology is the basis of a new civilization paradigm.

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