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The world’s most productive and cost-effective neural network

Proven real-world advantage in training and operating speeds of over 1,000 times

This new generation neural network requires fewer resources and works even on small devices.

Specialists can use our demo version free of charge and check things out for themselves.

Quick No-Code/Low-code intelligence integration

A turnkey solution for AI tasks, with minimal integration and no need for for expensive and time-consuming development.

5 advantages of Omega Server

A neural network with unprecedented training and performance speed.


Our solutions are designed for a wide range of AI/ML tasks and are suitable for individuals and organizations.

Total superiority over classical neural networks

Unprecedented training speed

Hundreds of times faster training and retraining, and the advantage increases with growing task complexity and data volume.

Suitable for everyone

Universally applicable and uses less sophisticated equipment.

Drastic reduction of development costs

Due to No-code / Low-Code, high speed, and ease of maintenance, the infrastructure, energy consumption and human resource costs reduce sharply.

Fast to market and quality AI applications

More AI products faster and features for various tasks.

Neural network for solving any AI/ML tasks

Computer vision

Visual recognition of static and moving objects, faces, gestures, postures, micro-movements.

Other types of recognition

Text recognition, speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP).

Big Data

Data processing and data mining; predictive analytics.

Other practical applications

Infrastructure and tools for AI/ML solutions.

Long-awaited breakthrough in neural network development!

Systemic shortcomings of classical AI

A turnkey solution for AI tasks, with minimal integration and no need for for expensive and time-consuming development.

Solution to the problem: PANN™ technology

Quantum leap in AI and breaking the deadlock: next generation neural networks with fundamentally different characteristics.


Scientific and popular science articles about the PANN™ technology, public speeches, and other publications.

Create AI applications in record time and at minimal cost!

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Our solutions solve a wide range of AI/ML problems and can be used by individuals and organizations.

Turnkey pilot project

We invite you to start a pilot project right now. Use the total advantage in neural network training speed on any dataset, with data of any type, structure, complexity or volume.