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A scientific and engineering breakthrough in neural network architecture, and an innovative training method

The science behind Omega Server

Omega Server is the network that trains faster than any existing neural networks, and provides unprecedented computing performance.

Systemic shortcomings of classical AI

A turnkey solution for AI tasks, with minimal integration and no need for for expensive and time-consuming development.

Solution to the problem: PANN™ technology

Quantum leap in AI and breaking the deadlock: next generation neural networks with fundamentally different characteristics.

Fundamental neuron architecture difference from classical ANNs

Omega Server’s neural network operates on close to natural neuron principles and is based on the latest scientific knowledge in biology.


Scientific and popular science articles about the PANN™ technology, public speeches, and other publications.

Total superiority over classical neural networks

5 advantages of Omega Server

A neural network with unprecedented training and performance speed.


We have conducted extensive testing of PANN™ neural networks in comparison with classical neural networks using popular datasets on the same low spec hardware.

Omega Server’s IP is protected worldwide

The PANN™ technology is patented in 25+ key jurisdictions and counting.

Technical breakthrough summary

PANN™ advances existing IT and electronic technology overall via four specific technical breakthroughs: software, GPU, Microchip and Optical chip.