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Limitless global market

The AI market in numbers

$53 bln. AI technology market size (2022).
FrostandSullivan. 2020.

$15.7 trln. The widespread integration of AI technologies will increase the total global market by $15.7 trillion. (by 2030).
ARK Investment Management LLC. 2020 based on data sourced from World Federation of Exchanges, “H1 2020Market Highlights”. Aug. 2020.

CAGR* 104% Doubles annually.
*Compound annual growth rate

Limitless global market

AI corporate deals

Investment and acquisition deals with AI companies happen all the time. Below is an example of just the most notable ones during one week of Q4 2021.
Source: https://vc.ru/future/306503-proshlis-po-ai-krupneyshie-sdelki-za-nedelyu-i-prognozy-o-budushchem-iskusstvennogo-intellekta

  • Israeli company Hailo (2017; Tel Aviv, Israel), a leading developer of energy-efficient chips for AI products, has raised $136 million, a record for its market (round C; valuation over 1 billion USD);
  • US platform Gretel (2019, San Diego, California) with AI-based cybersecurity instruments has raised $50 million for R&D, launched the beta version of its product (round B; valuation 350 million USD);
  • Korean AI-EdTech startup Riiid (2014, Seoul, South Korea), supported by SoftBank, is acquiring Langoo for 175 million USD and expanding its activities in Japan (valuation 1.2 billion USD).
  • Chinese AI technology comapny SenseTime Group (2014, Hong Kong), announced that it has raised more than $700 million in its initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company’s market value is estimated at more than $16 billion. The company said it raised HK$5.55 billion ($767 million) through the offering.

In 2020, many AI companies went public or were bought with valuations exceeding one billion USD in CIF alone.
Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1229564/largest-ai-powered-company-exits/

График оуенки компаний после IPO

The AI market and Omega Server

Omega Server is a neural network provider for developers of AI applications, infrastructure and devices. The Omega Server neural network can be used at any stage of value creation in the AI industry ecosystem. The possible applications of the Omega Server neural network extend to all major segments of the AI market.