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Solution: PANN™ technology

PANN© technology

PANN (Progressive Artificial Neural Network) is a patented technology based on a fundamentally new neural network architecture similar to a biological neuron. This technology is based on the latest knowledge in the field of biology and is closer in its principles to biological networks than any AI technology existing today. Based on PANN technology, we are creating a new generation neural network and AI infrastructure with fundamentally different qualities and characteristics.

Solution: PANN™ technology

Fundamentally new quality

PANN technology can radically improve the neural network performance. With data volume increase, the need for computing power and training time grows linearly, not exponentially, as in conventional neural networks. This means that the time required to train the neural network, energy consumption, costs and human resource needs are reduced. Thus, intelligence in the right proportion can be added everywhere: to any product, software, gadget or infrastructure element.

Solution: PANN™ technology

Problems solved by PANN™

PANN™ enables:

  • High speed training
  • High accuracy
  • Simple training algorithm
  • Easy realization in analog or digital form
  • Scalability – the possibility of building ANNs of any size and complexity
  • Introduction of additional images into trained network without the necessity of retraining the entire ANN (prevents loss of previously accumulated information)
  • Reliable, without network paralysis

Consequently, PANN™ realizes the advantages of ANNs predicted by science.

Quantum leap in AI:

PANN technology eliminates the ‘inherent defect’ and limitations of classical neural networks and opens up new horizons in the development of AI applications.

  1. For everyone: to use
    1. Computing requires less sophisticated hardware.
    2. Calculations can be performed at user’s own facilities and guarantee the safety and confidentiality of data.
    3. Affordable for startups and small businesses.
    4. Compatible with various hardware: from microchips, video cards, and smartphones to supercomputers; boosts hardware computing capabilities by a multiple.
  2. Low costs:
    1. Drastic reduction in the cost of infrastructure and energy consumption.
    2. Less human resource investment due to a sharp acceleration of network training and ease of maintenance.
    3. Innate high security and reliability.
  3. Unparalleled performance:
    1. Hundreds and thousands of times faster training and network speed: the advantage increases with an increase in task complexity and data volume.
    2. Up-training ability.
    3. Almost zero probability of ‘freezing’ with an increase in task complexity and network size.
    4. Opportunities to scale the network both in the training process and in the process of operation.

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