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Quick intelligence integration

Omega Server

Ready-to-use new generation No-Code/Low-Code neural network for solving a wide range of AI/ML tasks. It is developed using the Progressive Artificial Neural Network (PANN) technology, based on a fundamentally new neural network architecture that is closer to biological networks than any existing network.

  1. The computational engine includes: a library with a set of functions for working with a PANN type neural network, a patented neural network architecture, and training algorithms.
  2. An application with which you can upload your data to the Omega Server neural network and use it to solve your practical tasks.

Possible applications

You can use the Omega Server neural network as an integral part of your AI/ML product, or build a separate neural network: for testing hypotheses, developing beta and demo versions of a product, and creating an MVP and a full-fledged product.

SaaS / Fremium

Omega Server offers both a cloud and a server (client infrastructure deployment) solution for companies of any level and size, stage of development and industry affiliation.

Our payment options include a free starter plan for solving one-time or small applied tasks, as well as a paid version with extended computing power and functionality for systemic work and tasks of any level of complexity and data volume.

Turnkey pilot project (Licensing / Customization)

Customized and licensed turnkey enterprise solutions based on the PANN technology for any AI/ML task. We work with any industries, tasks of any complexity, and create solutions for any functionality. You can use the total advantage in neural network training speed on any dataset, with data of any type, structure, complexity, or volume. You will get an undeniable competitive advantage in network training speed and save development time, costs, and other resources. We guarantee the result; otherwise, we will return you the money paid for the pilot project.

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