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Fast to market and quality AI applications

Quality of AI/ML applications

Thanks to the benefits of the Omega Server neural network, the cost of developing an AI solution is significantly reduced, the time for testing hypotheses is reduced, the finished product is brought to market faster, and the quality of your AI applications is improved.

The Omega Server neural network also has a number of additional advantages:

  • Ability to up-train the network
  • Ability to scale the network during training
  • Virtually zero chance of ‘freezing’ as tasks become more complex and network size increases
  • A small number of required training samples: tens or hundreds of samples instead of thousands or tens of thousands. Saving time on the preparation of a training data set – days, weeks and even months
  • Network becomes compatible with various hardware: from microchips, video cards, and smartphones to supercomputers, while boosting their computing capabilities by an order of magnitude
  • Innate high security and reliability
Fast to market and quality AI applications

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