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TRIZ consultation

Consultation by a group of leading international TRIZ Masters

Applying AI to your business

We will evaluate your business together with you, and offer ideas and solutions for applying AI to your business case. There is no competitive business without AI today.

The specialists

  • Authors of many books on the problems of invention, including works co-authored with the creator of TRIZ, Genrikh Altshuller, published in many languages around the world.
  • Researchers and developers of artificial intelligence based solutions.
  • Developers of AI technologies and holders of 16 patents worldwide.
  • Our specialists, called Masters, are practicing business problem solvers.


TRIZ (Theory of inventive problem solving) is a methodology that helps people generate new ideas and solve complex problems in creating and improving technological systems. It offers a set of tools and techniques for finding creative and innovative solutions to problems.

Today, the TRIZ methodology is used in the world’s leading technology companies.

Problems solved

If you’re faced with problems that are difficult to solve, or if you need to come up with new ideas to improve your processes or products, then TRIZ can be very helpful. TRIZ will help you:

  • To see the problem from a new angle: TRIZ helps to break the problem into components and consider it from different angles. This allows you to find new aspects and non-obvious possibilities for solving the problem.
  • To generate new ideas: TRIZ provides many idea generation techniques that can help you come up with unexpected solutions to a problem.
  • To reduce research and development costs: thanks to the TRIZ methodology, solutions can be found faster and more efficiently, which saves time and resources.
  • To improve the quality of your products: TRIZ helps to find solutions that improve the quality of products or services.


A group of TRIZ experts will evaluate your current business and the tasks and challenges it faces to improve its competitiveness.

We will hold a TRIZ methodology session.

As a result, we will suggest possible areas of AI application.

Our group of TRIZ specialists has solved more than 25,000 scientific and technological problems in the course of their careers. We have implemented tasks using the TRIZ methodology for dozens of world leaders in their industries.

How to complete the program free of charge?


You are the experts in your business. In brainstorming mode, and under the guidance of TRIZ experts, you tell us about:

  • What your company does.
  • What areas of business directly affect competitiveness.
  • What challenges your company and industry are facing.


All this, preferably, without any confidential information, but, if necessary, we sign an NDA before starting. You determine the number and composition of participants from your side.


During one or two sessions, we jointly generate ideas and solutions, offer neural networks that can help in solving problems and creating products or offer solutions for a particular task.


We define an action plan for both sides.


We start implementing.


  • We do not charge for consultations and brainstorming results.
  • An estimate of the cost of implementing the proposed solutions will be provided for those ideas that you choose for further implementation.