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Big data

The world’s most productive and cost-effective neural network

Designed specifically for big data

Over 1,000x training and operating speed advantage, depending on conditions

The problem

  • You have a huge amount of data about customers, about their transactions, metadata and a lot of other data that has already been accumulated, and the data that keeps coming in every second.
  • This data needs to be analyzed, and to make decisions it’s important to see what is hidden in that data, what it means for the business and what potential it opens up.
  • More and more computing power is required for processing.
  • Currently, there are no neural networks that would effectively work with databases, especially with large or super-large amounts of data, without distorting it. Typically less than 10% of the data is used.

The solution

  • We will provide you with an Artificial Intelligence that can identify patterns, dependencies, segments and regularities in a vast ocean of data.
  • It will reveal hidden patterns and regularities that even a specialist simply cannot recognize.
  • For example, our AI can identify risk factors, trends, the most profitable or unprofitable customer segments, group cohorts and micro-groups, or predict or simulate events.


  • Quick customization to fit your data and tasks, minimal need for your team’s resources and time, and a quick launch of the solution into operation.
  • Startup and support cost advantage over similar solutions.
  • Unrivaled AI training and operation speed.
  • Demonstrated benefits in performance, efficiency, human and computing resources, speed, and quality of data processing from the very early stages of work.

How it works

We will provide you with an AI (neural network) that we will customize together with your team according to your requirements: we will ‘hone’ it for your specific data structure, tasks, and a convenient format for obtaining output data.

To guarantee data security, we DO NOT NEED ACCESS to confidential information, and the neural network can use your on-premise infrastructure.

We will provide support or train your team.

Next steps


To start project production, it’s enough to hold one or two meetings with us to set and finalize the tasks and answer our questions.


We will prepare an estimate for a solution that is customized specifically to solve your tasks.


It will require a minimum of resources and time on your part.


We will train your specialists to work with our AI so that you can control and manage it.


  • We will prepare an estimate of the solution based on your technical specifications.
  • For a preliminary assessment, depending on the complexity of the task and the amount of work entailed, the estimated cost may be $15-25,000.

Test results

Comparison with classical neural networks

We have conducted extensive testing of PANN™ neural networks in comparison with other, classical, neural networks (e.g. Keras from TensorFlow by Google), using the popular (e.g. MNIST datasets among others) on the same “light” hardware.

Omega Server proofs of supremacy both in training and performance speed.

We can run more test based on any required datasets upon your request to proof our performance

More details and proof here.

Omega Server is faster
than Keras on TensorFlow by Google

DatasetTraining timeWorking speed
Fashion MNIST22 times45 times
Pima Indians diabetes46 times127 times
Wine quality136 times101 times
Banknote authentication296 times127 times
Combined cycle power plant1,107 times234 times
Boston house price689 times183 times
Abalone1,251 times239 times