Omega Server
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08.2020 registration of the Omega Server Inc. Michigan, US (Department of Licensing). ID Number: 802505609.

Formation of the development leadership team for Omega Server Inc.

09.2020 Website development, presentations, video materials by Omega Server Inc.

10.2020 Approval of the marketing plan.

12.2020 Demo versions of PANN technology on a personal computer.

01.2021 Attraction of advisers, the emergence of partnerships in international markets.

02.2021 Omega AI education platform launched.

03.2021 Library of programs for experiments and programming on a personal computer.

04.2021 Development of offices and representative offices of Omega Server Inc. in the countries of presence of partners.
Beginning of demonstration of the PANN technology capabilities on a personal computer, participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences.

05.2022 Testing and launching the Demo version of the Omega Server on GPU cards. Demonstrations of PANN technology capabilities on GPU cards, participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences.
Based on the results of demonstrating PANN at specialized exhibitions and conferences, proposals from the giants of the IT market for partnership and / or sale of the company are possible.

12.2023 – 12.2024 Completion of debugging work on the demo version of the Omega server.
Payment of the first dividends.
Preparing the company for an IPO.