receiving shares
So, you have decided to buy the shares of
Omega-Server Inc.
The current price of 1 share is $5. Minimum investment at this stage is $10,000. Please select the number of shares you wish to buy using the scale below.
Number of shares:
$10 000
Step-by-step share
purchase procedure

1. Submitting application for the purchase of shares.
Please fill out the application form on the right
(the data is needed to uniquely identify the shareholder in the investment agreement).

* All fields are required (in Latin).

    Please note:

    – If you change your identity document, please notify the administration of Omega Server Inc.
    – The minimum investment amount at this stage is $ 10,000.

    2. In response to your request, you will receive by email an Investment Contract (hereinafter the contract) between Omega Server Inc. (hereinafter Omega) and you (shareholder) signed by Omega CEO Vladimir Proseanic.

    Please sign the contract, scan the document and return it electronically to Omega.


    a) The contract was drawn in accordance with the US Law.

    b) An electronic copy of the contract and proof of payment are accepted as evidence in any court of the United States of America.

    3. After the money is credited to the Omega’s account, an entry is made in the shares register. This record is used to restore documents in case of loss of the contract and/or certificate.

    4. In accordance with the US law, a paper certificate is signed by the CEO and Secretary of the Corporation.

    The scanned certificate will be sent by email.


    Vladimir Proseanic,